Oaken Update – August, 2015

Commercial Online Banking is here!

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You’ve told us how much you appreciate being able to manage your personal savings online, so we’re delighted to announce that this is now a reality for our Commercial customers as well.

As you may expect, it offers all the same features as our existing Online Banking. You can look at current savings and investment information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also transfer funds to or from other institutions, track balances and transactions, and use our powerful Alert System to receive messages about balances, transactions and maturity dates.

If you are a signing officer for any GIC or Oaken Savings Account, all we need to get you started is an email address. If we already have one on file, we’ll be sending you a letter soon explaining how to enrol, and you’ll be happy to know that the process is very easy. Or if you haven’t provided us with an email address yet, just give us a call us 1-855-OAKEN-22 (625-3622), and we’ll be happy to send you an enrolment kit. You’ll need a separate login for each commercial entity you’re associated with, and any other authorized signatories will need to obtain their own unique enrolment number too.

More Online Banking improvements for all

In addition to Oaken Online Banking being offered to our Commercial customers, and in response to your feedback, we’ve also introduced some other enhancements that will make it even easier to use for everyone.

The next time you log in to Online Banking, take a look to the left hand side of the screen, and you’ll notice two new sections—one for Notifications, and another for Tools. The Notifications section will instantly display your most recent Messages and Alerts. You can now easily send us a new message, or reply to one that we sent you, right from the home screen without having to navigate several clicks through the site. The Tools section provides a new custom Shortcuts feature. This lets you set up your own shortcuts, so you can jump straight to whatever page or feature matters to you the most. All you need to do is click the Shortcut icon on any page throughout Online Banking, and this will be added to your personalized list.

Don’t like these new features, or would prefer to have a wider screen? No problem at all. Just click on the small triangle in the scrollbar, drag this to the left, and the whole thing disappears. Click and drag this across again to bring the section back.

The addition of this new sidebar also greatly improves the ease of using Oaken Online Banking on all touchscreen devices such as tablets and smartphones, which we know many of our customers prefer to use for logging in.

We’re always looking for ways to improve your experience with Oaken, whether online or otherwise, so please continue to provide us with any thoughts or opinions you may have.

Travel health tips for seniors

With retirement comes that great privilege: the freedom to travel. Getting the most out of travel, however, requires a bit of preparation—especially if you’re an older traveller with specific health needs. If that’s you, and this is the season when you like to head off to foreign climes, we have some tips to help you on your way.


Travel medical insurance is a must. Many credit cards offer free travel medical insurance, and sometimes you don’t even have to use the card to book your trip. Be careful, though—your credit card may only protect you for up to 15 days, after which you’re uninsured. As well, it may no longer be valid once you’ve reached a certain age. To be on the safe side, always check the terms of your card. If you’re travelling for longer than the period your card covers, you’ll need to purchase extra insurance. A pre-existing illness can add a wrinkle to this, as not all insurance covers a pre-existing condition. So if you do already have a medical condition, find out if the extra insurance you purchase covers this as well. In general, it’s a good idea to buy and retain your own travel insurance before any health concerns start to appear, especially if you intend to travel fairly regularly.

Check accessibility in your destination too. The degree of wheelchair access, modified pavements and acceptance of seeing-eye dogs varies greatly around the world. If you rely on assistance, make sure that it won’t be hindered wherever you’re going.

Medical check

Get a medical check-up before you go. Your doctor can advise you on any precautions you need to take, as well as steer you away from foods that might not agree with you on your holiday. Getting a check-up is also vital if you’ve recently had surgery of any kind, or have a chronic health condition. Update your vaccines as well. Depending on where you’re headed, you may need vaccinations or booster shots. Your doctor will know what’s required.

Getting there and getting around

Always have your medications at hand. If you take medications regularly, make sure you have enough for your flight. And include in your carry-on baggage those little extras, like painkillers and band aids. Calculate how much medication you’ll need for the whole time you’ll be away—and then add a little bit extra. Also remember that a change in time zone could affect your dosage schedule.

It’s also important to hydrate along the way. Plane travel is dehydrating, especially when it comes to long flights. Drink plenty of fluids while you’re airborne, and avoid alcohol, tea and coffee. And then make sure to rehydrate once you’ve arrived—especially if you’re going somewhere hot. Dehydration can strike anyone, and can end up compounding other problems that you might already have.

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