Oaken Update – July, 2019

Answers to some of the most common questions about GICs

Check out these 10 commonly asked questions about GICs and how to incorporate GICs into your savings plans.


Not sure how you can include GICs to help achieve your financial goals? Check out these 10 commonly asked GIC questions. Read more here.

Are women better investors and savers?

Rubina Ahmed-Haq looks at the differences between men and women when it comes to saving.


In this second article in our “Women and Finance” series, Rubina Ahmed-Haq debunks the myth that men are naturally better savers and investors than women. Read more here.

Kevin on balancing his zest for life and fiscal responsibility

The FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement seeks to redefine what it means to work and retire..


Finding the balance between living for the moment and financial responsibility can be a challenge. Hear how Kevin is working to achieve this balance in his life. Read more here.

What to consider when converting your RSP

You have three options when it comes time to convert your RSP to income for your retirement.


You have three main options when converting your RSP to income for your retirement. Read more here.

Making your will: the keystone of estate planning


Many Canadians believe that if they die without a will, their estate will automatically pass to their spouse, but this is not necessarily the case. Read more here.

Why women need to save more for retirement

Women need to save more than men to ensure a comfortable retirement.


On average, women live five years longer than men, which means they need to save more for their retirement. This post from Rubina Ahmed-Haq explores the challenges that women face saving for their future. Read more here.

Maria on distinguishing needs versus wants

Prioritizing needs and wants is an important part of budgeting and saving for your future.


In this Saversodes video, Maria discusses why understanding the difference between needs and wants is a vital part of budgeting, and why she is teaching her kids this important lesson. Read more here.

Tips for saving money in Canada: paying yourself first

Savings tips for Canadians from Ratehub.ca


Thanks to Ratehub.ca for providing this guest commentary on helpful tips for Canadian savers. Read more here.

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