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Money rules I live by

Read the latest from financial expert Barry Choi in the Oaken Blog.

Growing up, I was fortunate that my parents taught me some of the basics when it comes to finances. It’s not like they had a ton of money or worked in the financial services industry. They were immigrants who understood the value of a dollar and passed those values down to me. The truth is, … read more

Patricia and Ian on saving strategies and retirement

Watch this video to learn how Patricia and Ian finally became successful savers and how they are now enjoying retirement.

By all accounts, Patricia and Ian have adjusted well to retirement, thanks largely to having the foresight and discipline to plan for their financial needs. However, as they discuss in this latest Saversodes video, the path to getting there was not always smooth. As many Canadians know only too well, saving for retirement or any … read more

Jesse shares his dad’s budgeting advice

Budgeting tips for young adults

Jesse was fortunate that when he was still very young, his father explained the importance of budgeting and avoiding debt. Now, as a young adult, Jesse continues to put the lessons he learned from his father to good use. Budgeting for young adults If you’re just starting out in your career, you already know there … read more