Kevin on balancing his zest for life and fiscal responsibility

The FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement seeks to redefine what it means to work and retire..

The expression carpe diem, loosely translated from the original Latin, means to “seize the day” or “live for the moment”. Today, this same sentiment is found in the expression “you only live once”, or, as you’ve probably seen online, “YOLO”! The idea of living for the moment is a wonderful sentiment and may make for … read more

Marc on staying true to his values

Socially responsible investing is a growing trend in Canada

By his own admission, Marc is a frugal individual. He also has a long history of trying to live in an environmentally responsible manner, and it is personally important for him that his investments align with his values and ethics. Marc may have been an early advocate for what we now refer to as Socially … read more

Jesse shares his dad’s budgeting advice

Budgeting tips for young adults

Jesse was fortunate that when he was still very young, his father explained the importance of budgeting and avoiding debt. Now, as a young adult, Jesse continues to put the lessons he learned from his father to good use. Budgeting for young adults If you’re just starting out in your career, you already know there … read more

Don on staying active in retirement

Staying active in your retirement years is key to staying healthy.

As you get to know Don, you’ll soon discover that he’s a meticulous planner. This is evident when he explains how he put a savings plan into place during his working career, to provide him with the income he would need to support his retirement. While Don may have had a good handle on the financial … read more