Oaken Update – May, 2015

Our first store—now open for business!


As we mentioned last month, we’re changing the way Canadians view banking. Our brand-new Oaken store is a big part of that and we’re happy to announce that it’s now open for business.

Located in the heart of Toronto’s financial district, the store began welcoming the public on May 11. Many of you, of course, also joined us for our sneak preview reception a few days earlier. We’d like to thank you for making the event a success. And if you weren’t there or haven’t visited yet…please drop by! There’s a lot to see and discover—and our friendly staff are always ready to answer your questions and have a chat over coffee about your financial future.

As we also mentioned recently, our second store will be opening soon in downtown Calgary. Like our Toronto location, it will feature a whole new approach to banking: replacing a teller-based environment with a space dedicated to personal interaction and tailored to your individual needs. Stay tuned for the Calgary opening date in the coming weeks.

Of course, our new stores are just another way in which people can interact with us. No matter where you are, we’re always more than happy to continue serving you by phone or through Oaken Online Banking as well, whichever you prefer.

Introducing Foster the Squirrel


You may have noticed our new ads recently, which highlight our great rates and even greater service. In case you’ve missed them, here’s what one of these ads looks like. And we’re bringing them to your attention not just because of the rate advantage we continue to offer—we also wanted to introduce you to the personality holding the acorn.

We’ve been around for a while now, and we recently decided that it’s time to put a little extra character into Oaken. And what better choice than a squirrel? There are few things in the forest friendlier than a squirrel, and they’re an important part of their community: burying nuts, planting seeds, planning for tomorrow.

We like to think we promote planning for tomorrow too. And squirrels are nature’s ultimate savers—they collect all they can and then squirrel this away, because they know winter is always around the corner. When you combine all that with the fact that squirrels often live in oak trees—well, what other possible choice was there?

And the name for our furry friend? Foster—as in, to foster or promote the development of something. We think that fits perfectly, since we’re in the business of helping you cultivate your savings. And as a person’s name, it also has meanings that include “keeper of the forest”.

So a big welcome to Foster the Squirrel! You’ll be hearing a lot from him in the future, and you’ll find he’s a friendly, uncomplicated straight-talker who always looks you in the eye—just like Oaken.

From our mailbag: TFSAs, online access and more

We had a lot of interesting responses to our last Oaken Update, including some questions. We’d like to share some of these with you, as they may be things you’ve been thinking about too.

TFSAs and the new limit

Just to recap what the federal government recently announced, the new TFSA limit is $10,000 annually. That applies to 2015 as well—so even if you contributed the earlier maximum of $5,500, you now have an additional $4,500 of contribution room for the year. You can read more about this at the Canada Revenue Agency website.

TFSAs and savings accounts

A lot of our clients have mentioned they would like to have savings accounts in their TFSAs. While we do recognize this is a gap that needs to be filled, unfortunately we cannot promise a date for when this will be available yet.

Online access for commercial accounts

We know our commercial clients want it, and we’re about to deliver. The ability to manage your commercial accounts online is coming this summer.

It looks like we’re in demand

We regularly have people ask us when we’ll be opening an Oaken office in their city. We’re very grateful for your requests, and would like to let you know that we’re always exploring new avenues for serving you. Rest assured that we’ll keep you abreast of any expansion plans in the future—and of course it’s easier than ever to save with Oaken now through our online services.

Keep on Zooming!

This month we had the chance to visit Ottawa again, and we made the most of it. The Ottawa ZoomerShow at the new Shaw Centre was a big success, and we were very happy to meet so many friends and customers of Oaken from the Ottawa region. Held on May 9 and 10, the show delivered the usual upbeat program of great entertainment and great advice for mature lifestyles.

We’re taking a bit of a break for the summer, but will be back for the Kerby Fall Expo (Calgary), Toronto ZoomerShow and World MoneyShow (Toronto) in the fall. We hope to see many old faces and even more new ones then.

Reading list

With the weather finally calling us outside, we didn’t want to load up on the reading—so just some short articles this month.

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6 thoughts on “Our first store—now open for business!

  1. Could you please tell me the street address of the Toronto store?
    I cannot find this information anywhere. Did I miss it?
    Your reply will be appreciated

    1. Dear Cor,
      The address of our Toronto store is 145 King Street West, which is between York and University. You’ll find us downstairs in the PATH (Concourse Level), close to St. Andrew subway station, and our store hours are 8:30am-5:00pm, Monday to Friday. We hope to see you there soon!

  2. I’d like to invest more with Oaken but together with my investments with Home, I’m at the 100,000 limit. Does Oaken plan to change so that the 100,00 will only apply to the oaken investments.

    1. Dear Dave,
      Oaken does not provide separate coverage, and all deposits across both brands are with Home Trust, which means you are only able to get up to $100,000 of CDIC coverage per name registration through us. If you have a mix of deposits in your own name and others through a financial advisor, you can call us at 1-855-625-3622 to discuss. You can also read more about this in our FAQ section.

    1. Dear John,
      Unfortunately we do not have plans to open a store in Kitchener for now. However, we would be happy to continue helping you over the phone and online.

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