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Dave on the joys of simplicity

Dave may describe his life as “simple”, but there’s a lot to be said about seeking an unassuming lifestyle, and Dave will be the first to tell you that true happiness is not based merely on your possessions. After a successful career in a demanding field, and thanks to his careful financial planning and more

Financial Literacy Month is here again

  November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada, so our recent Oaken Blog article talked about what this means, and how you can brush up on your financial knowledge. Read more here. Money tips for returning to work after maternity leave   As a follow-up to a previous Oaken Blog article, personal finance expert Rubina more

Ted and his thoughts on the changing workforce

It’s interesting to hear Ted describe how much easier it was for a young person to build a career back “in his day”. As Ted remembers it, in those days, if you had an undergraduate degree companies were eager to hire you and put you on the fast-track to middle management. Things have definitely more

Time to brush up on cyber security

  Learn how to protect yourself against online hoaxes and internet scammers, as we celebrate Cyber Security Awareness Month. Read more here. Ted and his thoughts on the changing workforce   The rise in the use of freelance job apps has led to tremendous growth in the “gig economy”. In this Saversodes video, Ted more

Why more women should be planning their own financial future

  A study from Swiss bank UBS shows that many women still leave long-term financial planning to their partner. In this Oaken Blog feature, personal finance expert Rubina Ahmed-Haq discussed why women need to do more to plan for their future. Read more here. Talking money with your Gen Z kids   Look out more

Patricia and Ian on saving strategies and retirement

By all accounts, Patricia and Ian have adjusted well to retirement, thanks largely to having the foresight and discipline to plan for their financial needs. However, as they discuss in this latest Saversodes video, the path to getting there was not always smooth. As many Canadians know only too well, saving for retirement or more

Answers to some of the most common questions about GICs

  Not sure how you can include GICs to help achieve your financial goals? Check out these 10 commonly asked GIC questions. Read more here. Are women better investors and savers?   In this second article in our “Women and Finance” series, Rubina Ahmed-Haq debunks the myth that men are naturally better savers and more


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