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Study shows majority of women leave long-term financial planning to spouse

Women risk their financial health when they leave long-term financial decisions to their spouse.
July 26, 2019
By Rubina Ahmed-Haq

Most of the day-to-day financial decisions are generally made by women. This includes shopping for the family, paying household bills and saving for short-term goals. But when it comes to long-term financial planning, a new global study by the Swiss multinational bank, UBS, shows that women are still largely dependent on their spouses.   What … read more

Tips for Saving Money in Canada: Paying Yourself First

Savings tips for Canadians from Ratehub.ca
July 25, 2019
By Ratehub.ca

We’re pleased to feature this guest post from Ratehub.ca on the Oaken Blog. http://www.Ratehub.ca helps Canadians compare financial products and rates from a single website.   Saving can be tricky. It’s easy to lose track of your finances while purchasing essentials, paying bills, and enjoying yourself – all factors that make sticking to your financial … read more

Why women need to save more for retirement

Women need to save more than men to ensure a comfortable retirement.
July 15, 2019
By Rubina Ahmed-Haq

Saving for retirement is something we start hearing about as soon as we get our first full-time job. If your employer offers a workplace pension, contributions may be taken from your pay automatically. If you’ve paid off any outstanding student loans, you may have the extra funds to start thinking about saving money for when … read more

Making your will: the keystone of estate planning

July 8, 2019
By Peter Aterman

One of the most ignored elements of personal financial planning is also the most basic: a will. A remarkably high number of Canadians don’t have a will, and in many ways that’s not surprising. Wills are associated with the end of life, which is never a happy topic for any family. On top of that, … read more

What to consider when converting your RSP

You have three options when it comes time to convert your RSP to income for your retirement.
July 8, 2019
By Scott Boyd

If you currently have an RSP, you probably already know that when you turn 71, you can no longer make contributions to your RSP. In fact, by December 31 of the year you turn 71, you must actually convert the money in your RSP into some form of income. Financial institutions are required to convert … read more

Are women better investors and savers?

Rubina Ahmed-Haq looks at the differences between men and women when it comes to saving.
July 2, 2019
By Rubina Ahmed-Haq

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus”, essentially highlighting the difference in these two genders. But how does this thinking relate to money? Do female investors make different decisions then male investors? Are women better savers then men?   Women as Savers Dollar for dollar, women put away … read more

10 commonly asked GIC questions

Check out these 10 commonly asked questions about GICs and how to incorporate GICs into your savings plans.
June 25, 2019
By Scott Boyd

At first glance, a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)may seem a very straightforward investment, but there’s actually a few things you need to consider before choosing a GIC. To help provide some insights into GICs, we’ve developed this list of the 10 most commonly asked questions. If you’re still unsure about anything here, we’d be happy … read more

A stay-at-home parent’s guide to retirement savings

Tips for retirement planning for stay-at-home parents.
June 18, 2019
By Rubina Ahmed-Haq

We’re pleased to welcome Rubina Ahmed-Haq as a writing contributor to the Oaken Blog. Rubina is a highly regarded personal finance expert, and provides her thoughtful commentary for media outlets including the CBC and Global News. Rubina also writes for several magazines, and has her own website at alwayssavemoney.com. We’re especially excited to announce that … read more

Downsizing for retirees

Here’s what you need to consider if you’re thinking of downsizing your home as part of your retirement planning.
June 13, 2019
By Scott Boyd

There are many key milestones in life: that first job, marriage, the birth of a child – even retirement. These events all bring about changes, and can lead to lots of questions. For those actively saving and planning for retirement, these questions are typically along the lines of “how much money do I need to … read more

Simple driving tips to save fuel (and money)!

Help improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and save money with these small changes to your driving habits.
June 5, 2019
By Scott Boyd

The price of gasoline has been on an upward trajectory for the past few months, and with the prospects of increasing carbon taxes likely resulting in future price increases, motorists are looking for ways to reduce their driving costs. Obviously, buying a more fuel efficient vehicle or even switching to an electric vehicle is one … read more