Oaken Update


Oaken May Update

No space? No yard? No problem — here’s how to grow a garden in the city There’s nothing like the return of warmer weather to get Canadians out in their gardens. However, not everyone has access to their own yard in which to plant flowers or vegetables of their own. For those who live in...read more


Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Winter storms can cause damage to your home that if left unattended, may result in a very expensive repair bill a little further down the road. Now that the warmer weather is here, be sure to check your home for some of the more common problems that winter can cause as outlined in this Oaken...read more


Oaken March Update

  Thank a Frontline Worker Thank you to everyone who has nominated a frontline worker for special recognition. We have received so many wonderful stories and it is truly inspiring to read these amazing testimonials to the good work so many of our fellow Canadians have been doing to help others during these challenging times....read more


Thank a Frontline Worker

  Thank a Frontline Worker We’ve been overwhelmed with the responses we’ve received as part of our invitation to forward stories about frontline workers who have made a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic. With so many positive examples coming in each day, we can’t help but feel hopeful that brighter days are ahead. If you...read more

  Many people mark the start of a new year by setting personal goals to accomplish during the year. If getting your finances in order is one of your objectives for 2021, here is an updated checklist that you can use to help achieve this important goal. Read more here.   Contact Centre Hours Update...read more


Wishing you a happy holiday season

  It’s true that Christmas is going to be very different for most of us this year. But even with these changes, there is much to celebrate and we hope that the holiday season finds you and yours healthy and safe. Please note the following changed to our regular Oaken store hours over the holidays:...read more


Help save Zhelevo

  At Oaken, we’re not embarrassed to be thought of as “tree-huggers”. You can see it in our name and our logo. Trees, and oak trees in particular, represent strength and stability and these are key attributes you can find at Oaken. In recent months there is one particular Red Oak tree in Toronto’s west...read more