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Our savings account is going paperless

April, 2018

We’re always striving to improve the experience our customers have with us, and providing them with more convenience and choice is often at the core of this. With that in mind, we’ve recently made some enhancements to Oaken Online Banking which will make managing investments even easier. Of particular note is that this now enables … read more

Time to get that garden ready!

March, 2018

With the winter weather now almost behind us, gardening season is just around the corner again. So for enthusiasts who can’t wait to get a jump on greening the back (or front) yard, here are four tips for early preparation: 1. Inspect your property. In some parts of the country, snowfall has been heavier than … read more

TFSAs are always in season

February, 2018

Thursday, March 1 is the deadline for RSP contributions that you can claim on your 2017 tax return. And with the RSP season now coming to a close, it’s time to shine the spotlight on that other kind of registered account that should probably be in your portfolio, namely TFSAs.  TFSAs are a whole lot … read more

Here’s to 2018!

January, 2018

From everyone here at Oaken—even though we’re already at the end of the first month—we’d like to wish you and yours a very happy new year. Unfortunately, that means we also have to take this opportunity to remind you that tax season is just around the corner (sorry!). To help ease the pain, we’ve been … read more

Happy holidays to one and all

December, 2017

With the year winding down, we wanted to take time out from our regular business to convey a special message for the holidays: Season’s greetings and a very happy new year, from all of us at Oaken! As always, it has been a great pleasure to serve you throughout the year. We sincerely appreciate your … read more

When it makes sense to sell low

November, 2017

We all know the saying, “Buy low, sell high”. It’s the most basic rule of all investing, and of course it’s the main road to riches. Unfortunately, however, it’s easier said than done. There are very few people who have never seen an investment take a turn for the worse and put a dent in … read more

Interest rates are staying put

October, 2017

On October 25, the Bank of Canada made its much-anticipated announcement on interest rates—no move for now. This was widely anticipated, in part because the Bank had already raised its key rate (the overnight lending rate) twice in recent months. The first time was in July, and the second in September. That means the rate … read more

The big picture on retirement in Canada

September, 2017

A recent feature in the Toronto Star provided a wealth of information about retirement that paints an interesting picture. Based on a survey of working Canadians and retirees, the article revealed some encouraging insights: An overwhelming majority of retirees (88%) feel positive about retired life. Nearly one third said their biggest surprise in retirement was … read more

Canada’s economy, and how it may affect you

August, 2017

The news about Canada’s economy has been all good lately. Encouraging employment figures, low inflation, and then the GDP numbers for May—growth of 0.6%, which is triple the 0.2% that most economists had expected. With headlines calling this “blow-out” growth, there’s no question that our economy has turned the corner from the slowdown of two … read more

Two big moves to usher in a new dawn

July, 2017

If you’ve been following the financial news lately, you’ll know that our parent company Home Capital Group has been busy making a number of important changes. This includes the emergence of two key individuals in particular, who will play a pivotal role in ensuring a successful future for the company. World-renowned backing The first of … read more