A Canadian native, Foster helps deliver our message of better savings to the world, and personifies our down-to-earth, transparent approach.

Of all the animals in the forest, how did we land on a squirrel? Simple. Squirrels are nature's saver. In fact, they're so widely associated with saving, they even have a phrase coined after them: to squirrel money away. Squirrels collect and store all they can because they know winter is always around the corner, and they want to be safe and comfortable at all times. Just like many of our customers.

And why is he called Foster? Well, as a given name, Foster means "keeper of the forest", or "of the woods". Another definition of the word is "to encourage or promote the development of something", and comes with synonyms such as nurture, cultivate, enrich and strengthen. So to put in another way, he fosters knowledge of how to plant for your future.

On top of all that, squirrels are smart, they're quick, they're nimble, they're highly adaptable, they're fun, and they're often found near oak trees. In a nutshell, they embody everything Oaken stands for.