Oaken Digital makes it easy to manage your money

Oaken Digital features

Transfer funds to and from other institutions with your Oaken Savings account - you can even set up automatic transfers to make it easier to grow your savings!

View and update the maturity instructions for any of your GICs and change this again as many times as you want

Change your personal information, get help, and ask questions all within the secure Oaken Digital environment.

Choose to receive timely alerts, updates, and messages so you always know what's going on with your accounts, and you'll always be reminded when an investment is coming due.

View and download statements, confirmations, and other documents for all your Oaken accounts.

Open new investments easily and track any of your pending investments.

Keeping your money safe

From the moment you open an account with us, our highest priority is keeping your money and your privacy safe.

Online protection

Our websites are secured with bank-grade, industry-standard TLS Certificates, adding an extra layer of protection for you. This makes it difficult for unauthorized individuals to intercept, read, or alter your online communications and transactions.

Secure log in

Every time you log in to Oaken Digital, you will need to enter your unique username and password, or you can opt to use biometric authentication on the Oaken Digital app.

Multi-Factor Authentication

This is a temporary and unique numerical code which forms part of the multi-factor authentication process and will only be sent to the email address or mobile number we have on file.

Secure messaging

Connect with us through our internal secure messaging center. Simply send us a message once you are logged in to Oaken Digital.

Oaken Digital app

Do your banking with your mobile phone, wherever and whenever it suits you. The Oaken Digital app is designed specifically for iOS and Android devices.